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We now have  High Quality Amish Made Biothane Driving Harness to meet your needs.

Looking for a durable harness that is easy to care for? We have the answer: Biothane, a synthetic product that is stronger and more durable than leather.  We now have five different sizes of  Biothane Driving Harness available with all Stainless Steel hardware.   They come complete and ready for use. 


Our harness sets feature:

  • Stainless Steel Hardware throughout including the Bit
  • Bridle complete with Blinders
  • Breaststrap with Black Pad
  • Overcheck (Also available with side check)
  • Reins
  • Heavy Duty Traces with slotted ends
  • Breeching
  • Hold Back Straps
  • Available in Mini, Pony (Small, Medium, Large), and Horse Sizes
  • Your choice of Shiny or Dull Biothane
  • Harness is also available with Hames and Collar

Close-up pictures of our Harness: (click pictures for a larger view)
Miniature Size Bridle:

Shiny Biothane w/overcheck

Miniature Size Breecing/Crupper 

Shiny Biothane

Horse Size Crupper Padded 

Dull Biothane

Horse Size Trace Ends 

Dull Biothane

Hold Back Strap Horse Size Breast Collar with Pad

Dull Biothane

Shaft Carrier (Shown in Mini Size)

Shiny Biothane

Horse Size Bridle (shown with sidechecks)

Dull Biothane

Standard harness prices:

Mini Size Driving Harness $337.95
Small Pony Size Driving Harness $376.95
Medium Pony Size Driving Harness $389.95
Large Pony Size Driving Harness $441.95
Horse Size Driving Harness $545.95

Give us a call to order:  (937) 533-8316

If you need help determining the correct harness size for your equine, give us a call.  We will need the following measurements to determine the appropriate size harness: 

  • Height
  • Girth (All Around) 
  • Center of saddle to base of tail
  • Flank to flank around buttocks
  • Corner of mount over the head to corner of mouth
  • Length around nose (Approximately 1.5" below cheek bone)
  • From back of ear across forehead to back of ear (browband)

We also offer harness sets with Hames and we have Collars available.  Team harness sets are also available.  Email or give us a call with your needs.


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